Triangle de Gonesse – Paris, France

Interaction between building and environment offers new possibilities for work, recreation and nature

Triango is the winning proposal for a new type of office area, one that is lively and diverse, functional, but at the same time, ambitious and experimentalwhere sustainability is promoted in every sense of the word. Not only is Triango an anchor in the development of the Triangle de Gonesse, it also serves as a reference for the type of office area we aim to create. Through the combination of nature, sport and work, Triango generates a new range of possibilities, creating space for the known, new and unexpected.

Triango is our vision for a new way of working: an office area that is not defined by iconic buildings but rather by high-quality public space. The interaction between buildings and environment offers new possibilities for work, sport, recreation, and of course, nature. Just as natural elements are defined by their links with different molecules, the park is strengthened by its public space and inter-building connections. Rather than fighting iconic architecture, Triango seeks synergy. Triango — a subtle icon.

The masterplan is structured along a very robust framework that articulates the edges of the site around a lush green central park. The membrane of buildings reacts to unique site qualities and defines 3 characteristic zones: The urban zone, is a compact strip, where, transparent, active, ground floors and open public spaces, consisting of gardens and green atriums, create a lively urban character. At the centre of the urban zone is a large production greenhouse which will provide energy-neutral food and ingredientsused in the products of the companies working in the area and for small local shops and restaurants. The organic zone, takes advantage of the south orientation to the seamlessly connect with the green. The park connects on different levels with the buildings and form innovative outdoor areas for new ways of work and recreation, such as tribunes for watching the ongoing sport activities, a climbing wall along the building facade, plateaus towards the water and an outdoor conference/lecture atrium. 

The landmark zone runs along the highway and forms a striking façade towards the A1. It acts as an iconic landmark, seen by the many motorists passing by every day. At night a large production greenhouse on the roof, illuminated from inside, acts as a lighthouse, seen from afar. 

A metaphor for natural systems, the spine is the main route through the area. It connects the outlying areas with all important destinations in the park, establishing an office–park relationship through the creation of unique, dynamic spaces. It also functions as a membrane between building and park, indoor and outdoor, the “parc sportif” and the neighbouring developments. The spine also serves as a “docking station” for the various buildings. It ensures interaction and links people and organisations, thereby stimulating and fueling economic activity on site. 

Triango is a working landscape machine with an integrated natural water system. Not only will water be buffered and filtered on site, it will also be purified for consumption. All in all, the system offers high-quality space for sports and ecology, inviting users to stay and enjoy. Triango is also an example of water retention and climate proofing. The existing typology is used to determine water flow and define gathering spaces. The central water purification machine is located directly on the urban strip, where passersby can experience the green-blue system and all it has to offer.

Project data
Location Triangle de Gonesse – Paris, France
Assignment ​Design sustainable business park
Size ​15 ha
Design ​2017
Status ​Competion 1st prize
Client ​BoPro
In collaboration with ​RAU architects, SeArch, Lateral Thinking Factory, SQA, Urban Crop Solutions, Phileas, Building Integrated Greenhouses, Evergreen
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